Support Team Discord Bot

What is Support Team Discord Bot?

Support Team Bot, is currently under development with the NDM Network Team. 

There are number of commands that are currently in use. 

This page will give you the installation process and the bot invite!

Installation of Bot

Thank you for installing our bot on your Discord Server.

Use the following command to get start

-TicketSetup – This will create a Category named Support Team, it will also create 2 Text Channels and 1 Voice Channel, which will all situated within the created Category.

Once the Ticket Set up is complete, use the command -commands to learn all the commands you will need. 

Commands and Usages

Prefix :

General Commands
Ticket (reason) –
Use this to create your ticket, it will then open up and ticket and tag yourself and the support team selected by the Admin Team.

Close –
Use this to close your Ticket, this must be done by the person creating the ticket in the first place. 
It will ask you 3 questions to close the ticket. 

Staff/Support Team Commands
RequestSupport –
This will ask a few questions, once all questions have been answered it will be sent directly to the Development Team with a Server Invite. 
Rename (Coming Soon) – Use this to rename the channel that the command is actioned. 

Addsupport –
Allows you to pick your dedicated Support Team to answer your tickets.